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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 10, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> a right now, intense talks taking place at the white house on the debt crisis, i am he' harris falkner and this is the fox report. our cameras allowed in for just the beginning of the meeting between the president and top lawmakers, and minutes ago as we were getting a quick shot of the players at the table, president obama saying this: . >> we need to, we need to, but it is still not clear what direction the talks will take, with the clock counting down. and we're three weeks ahead of an important deadline, we know that. economists said if we reach august 2nd with no action, our country will run short of cash to pay our bills. much happening in the past 24
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hours, here is a recap. late last night. house speaker john boehner rejecting a proposal he and president obama have been shooting for all this time. we're talking about a 4 trillion dollar deal to reduce our nation's deficit. boehner saying that original deal would never pass the republican-led house because it includes up to 1 trillion dollars in tax hikes. and boehner saying negotiations would only involve a smaller 2 trillion dollar deal. the reaction from the white house, president obama says he's not giving up. he didn't come to this town to do little things, he came to do big things. he wants to do the largest possible deal that's going to do the most for the economy. >> there is a lack of confidence whether these political leaders will have the guts to stand up. >> and that was white house chief of staff william daily and treasury secretary timothy geithner from earlier. geithner summing it up in this question, are the electoral leadership in washington able to come together and solve the
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many problems we have as a country? >> pretty much what everybody wants to know is the time to deal with our nation's debt is ticking down again. let' go live to the white house, and wendell goal ser there. what do we expect to come out of tonight's talks? >> well, harris, no one expects the final deal to come out of tonight's talks. the president had asked the democrat and republican leaders if the house and senate could come tonight's meeting with their bottom line and he talked on the phone with house speaker john boehner last night after boehner decided to back away from talks on a big reduction deficit deal because the democrats demands that it contains some tax increases which is the same reason that republicans walked out of talks led by vice-president biden on a smaller deal. today's meeting got underway about an hour ago and neither the the president nor any of the lawmakers had anything to say about the bottom line, but mr. obama was asked a quick question and as we heard he had a quicker response. >> and working out of-- :
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and given the time it talks to write the legislation and time for the congressional budget office to score it and house to study it. we would need an agreement between july 15th and 22nd on a deficit reduction deal in order to pass that in time to raise the debt ceiling by the august 2nd deadline. >> wendell, we know that the deal for the 4 trillion dollars fell apart. it was a big deal. so it seemed to have members from both parties launching it last week and what happened to the push from each side. >> and it was probably the june jobless report or job creation report that came out on friday, and 18,000 jobs and a huge disappointment. after that, no republicans seemed inclined to support anything that could be called a tax increase. and here is senate republican leader mitch mcconnell from fox news sunday. >> well, i think it is, because everything they've told me as the speaker is to get a big damage would require big tax increases and the
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middle of the economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment, we've got a terrible idea, eighths job killer. >> they say that the jobless report is incentive to get the deficit reduction package-- a big deficit reduction package without any tax revenue increase. treasury secretary geithner says that would be unfair for the middle class and counterproductive and it would actually stall the economy and cause a few less job creation. eric. >> wendell, we don't know how long it will go, because we're wrapping up in the next hour to go on throughout the night and the news more so. we'll bring you back from live outside the white house with the latest from this. good to see you, thank you. >> the entire world watching the united states right now. the new chief of the international monetary fun christine la guard saying there would be nasty consequences for both the united states and the local economists if the voting limit
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is not raised. doubts that america would default. we do, interest rates would rise and stock markets would fall and all american taxpayers would feel the burden. and we are following any developments coming out of this debt talks as you just said to wendell. fox journalist at the white house and on capitol hill standing by to bring us the latest details as they emerge. also, tonight on the fox report. >> fewer of your tax dollars going to one country, the white house. just shut off the money valve to pakistan. >> right now, they've taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. >> and new tensions since the killing of usama bin laden as we keep 800 million dollars in our american pockets. and. and.... >> making america proud on the
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global stage. the u.s. soccer team triumphs over brazil at the women's world cup with a come from behind win. tonight, the thrilling action that propelled the red, white and blue to the semifinals. first, leon panetta making his first visit to iraq as the new u.s. secretary of defense. touching down in baghdad, after leaving afghanistan, we told you, forecast end could be near for al-qaeda and push iraqi leaders for the american forces in their country and the u.s. scheduled to withdraw all of the 46,000 troops by the end of the year, but ongoing security concerns now prompting new talk of keeping some u.s. experts in place. the highest ranking officer, mike mullen on a four day visit to china, voicing serious new concerns that disputes between china and neighbors may spark unforeseen
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conflict and the nation of the region to the south china sea. it's resource rich and strategicically important. and mullen stressing the u.s. will maintain a presence in asia and support peaceful resolution of any disagreement. now to pakistan, where government and military leaders are getting a major slap on the wrist from uncle sam. the white house confirming the u.s. is slashing millions of dollars in foreign aid to pakistan, shaky diplomatic relation was that country coming to a head recently after undercover u.s. raid in pakistan and osama bin laden in may. here is peter doocy in washington with more. >> 800 million dollars, less pakistan is going to be getting from us in military aid shaved off 2 plus billion we've given for security assistance every year and the white house says they could be more helpful in helping us round up terrorists and because this they gave u.s. army trainers the boot in the the last weeks. >> they've been an important ally in the fight on terrorism
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and they've been the victim of enormous amounts of terrorism, but right now they've taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. >> the apparent communication breakdown regarding our raid on their soil to kill bin laden highlighted the tension in the u.s.-pakistan relationship with some critics saying maybe he he knew he was there all along. but our brand new secretary of defense, leon panetta tried to downplay that, saying we don't know enough yet. >> everybody has suspicions about the pakistanis, how much they knew, what they knew, the reality is, that there are investigations now being conducted by isi and by the government to try to determine whether or not you know, there were elements of the pakistani military or isi that might have known about the compound. so, we'll have to wait and see what the results of that are. >> between president obama says he thinks that america
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giving lots of money to countries like pakistan even though we don't have a whole lot to go around here at home because he says if we don't they could start agreeding terrorists or creating jeeploads and the 800 million dollar payment will not affect nonmilitary aid. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. a fox extreme weather alert now. the heat is on. and expanding across the nation. maria molina is in the fox weather center. some dangerous temperatures today. >> dangerous stuff out there, harris, that's right. and we have records that are shattered. the town of wichita falls in northern parts of texas broke a record this past june, where 28 out of 30 days they had a temperature of 100 degrees or greater and that's incredible stuff out there and it's hot right now. 99 in dallas, 98 in kansas city and 95 the current temperature memphis. factoring in the humidity and it's hotter, even the current heat index values, 108 in memphis, can you imagine going
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outside and it feels like 108, 103 in springfield and 107 is the temperature currently feels like in tulsa. this is dangerous tough and a number of heat advisories out and the areas in red are excessive heat warnings and do you really need to stay safe if you're headed out in the doors for a prolonged period of time and you can go ahead and drink the water to stay hydrated as well as also some loose fitting clothing and lighter colors. the reason why it's so hot out here, because we actually have a storm system occurring through the northern plains and pumping in warm and humid air from the gulf of mexico northward and where it clashes with cooler temperatures we're seeing potential for severe weather today. there are already some reports of trees down across southeastern portions of north dakota and there is also a tornado warning, harris, that we want to tell you about, this is for southern richland county and southeast north dakota and reports of some tornados already with the line of thunderstorms. . >> harris: you and i had a very busy late spring with
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>> a plane headed for germany diverted because of a threat. happened on flight 926 from san francisco to frankfurt. a spokesperson saying a crew member found a sticker in the plane's bathroom with a threatening message around one o'clock this morning. it's not clear what exactly that message said, but the spokesman said the flight was diverted to chicago just to be on the safe side. the plane landed safely at ohio hair international
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airport and searched and went on to germany. we're learning something went terribly wrong during a training exercise for two pilots in tennessee. here is the scene where it went down. the army national guard their names released. joseph william junior and chief warrant officer daniel cole both from knoxville. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the latest now on libya and the u.s. has been engaged in n.a.t.o. air operations since march and n.a.t.o. stressing the u.s. stance that gaddafi cannot stay in power. regardless of the talk, the fighting rages on in the western mountains now and our journalists on the front line, kind after woodland footage along with rebel fighters as they make a push on tripoli. our leland vittert in
7:16 pm
misurata, leland? >> it's hard to forget in the state we're in right now this is a city under siege. every supply, weapons, reenforcement for the rebels has to come in by boat and commanders i'm talking to saying they're critically short on ammunition. however, the men on the front line mauck up for that with their will to win. often wearing just t-shirts and fighting in flip flo-flopfl the look at the front line and move a huge amount of sand on to the road. and then backed up their pickup mounted with machine guns, to provide cover against incoming rounds and often land behind it. after every bang, the soldiers yell allah akbar one of their chants, god is great here, on
7:17 pm
the front lines, this is the tip of the spear, nobody has body armor and taking incoming fire here and it's a fierce battle. >> the honk desert road to tripoli shows what they face, far from calm plagued tents abandoned, bright blue tops marked where rebels used to sleep as they defended the ground, many grew up on. make no mistake, every kilometer, every meter the front line moves is paved with blood and a number of soldiers are out here fighting with their very own wounds, still out here on the front lines and despite the fact we're taking heavy inconnelling fire. now, since yesterday, the rebels have been unable to advance at all toward the town, because of two reasons. one, n.a.t.o. has asked us not to. so n.a.t.o. can continue to hit some of gaddafi's heavy arms which the rebels themselves are unable to destroy and the second reason is, rebels have headed up into
7:18 pm
that and harris, they are he' reporting back to us and obviously the commanders as well, the gaddafi forces have surrounded themselves with civilians to be used as human shields to try to keep them from moving farther forward. >> a sad detail there. leland, thank you very much. it sounds unreal. a tractor-trailer runs off the road, up a highway embankment and into a grocery store. now, we're hearing reaction from an employee who was in his path. >> plus, the new york home of david letterman's late night talk show vandalized and the latest dabbling done inside the ed sullivan theater. the polo grounds to the city in 24 hours and the royals wrapping up their u.s. visit, and the last american to bid farewell to wills and kate. cheer cheerio! >> [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability
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>> a driver of a 18-wheeler in michigan is dead after crashing into a grocery store, it happened when the tractor-trailer was hit by another vehicle, forcing the big rig to veer off the road smashing into the store area and the impact spun a worker several feet into the air. >> he was very scared, he he couldn't breathe and his shoulder was killing him. he go the done saying, i, i have three children, i have three children, i don't want to die. >> authorities investigating reports that cars drag racing may have contributed to the accident. and we're told the store hopes to resoap by mid week. the west coast saying goodbye to real life royalty. the duke and duchess of cambridge leaving california after a whirl whirlwind
7:23 pm
weekend. the tour took them from a polo field to a celebrity black tie dinner to a los angeles art school for inner city kids today and the final stop, mission served that aims to help veterans find jobs and casey stegall sees it all and that's how he rolls live for us in l.a. >> and see how they left los angeles international airport and a little less than an hour ago, marking the end of a 12 day adventure, nine days in canada and then three in the golden state and it was jam packed. friday they rubbed elbows with the top business and political leaders at a private dinner hosted by the consul general and meeting up with soccer star david beckham. yesterday, the duke playing in a charity polo match in santa barbara, catherine cheered. and his royal highness, scoring four goals and winning the game for his team and a star steaded black die tirn for the british academy of
7:24 pm
film and television arts where they shared a table with the likes of barbara streisand and nicole kidman and then this morning, the royal newlyweds dropped by inner city arts a special moment and an educational center in l.a.'s skid row. there, they met with third, fourth and fifth graders and donning smocks and pointing with the kids, the pair left their hand prints and signatures in clay tiles that will be later installed in one of the school's walls. and their final stop today at a jobs fair for u.s. war veterans. and in an effort to show solidarity between the british and american military. >> this is the last event on our tour of north america, and to my mind it's one of the seriously, most important. this is because it is about men and women who, of their own free will choose to put their life on the line for their country. >> and this was prince william's first visit to california and catherine's first trip to the united
7:25 pm
states. so harris, obviously, an extremely monumental occasion. >> harris: all right. casey, good to see you, thank you very much. well, we know prince william was hanging out with soccer star david beckham friday night in l.a. and news from david beckham, he and victoria welcoming a baby girl. her name, still a secret. this is the first girl for them. they already have three boys, 11-year-old brooklyn, romeo who is eight and five-year-old cruise, all of them said to be very excited to welcome their new little sister to the family. and we're monitoring news coming from the crucial talks going on at the white house on this sunday. it is 7:25 and 32 seconds on the east coast and they've been at it for nearly 90 minutes, hanging in the balance, your money, your social services, president obama meeting with top lawmakers trying to come up with some kind of an agreement to allow them to raise the money they need that our nation can borrow and yet,
7:26 pm
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>> i am harris falkner and this is the fox report. you're looking live outside the white house. it's bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and just finishing up at the white house and president obama meeting with top lawmakers trying to come up with a budget agreement saying they need to agree on something in the next ten days. and it's all to allow them to raise the amount our nation can borrow and as we come up on the the august 2nd deadline, the crucial date when we can no longer borrow money unless the debt ceiling is raised, according to analyst, talks so intense, there were questions about the the fate of the meeting. doug mcelway, the meeting is wrapping up and we don't know if there was a deal or what happened inside that meeting. >> reporter: we've got to read the tea leaves about
7:31 pm
this, harris. no telling what it means. i would have expected the meeting would have lasted much, much longer. perhaps it's an indication that they have a deal and things were ironed out behind the scenes well in advance or perhaps there's no progress. we just don't know, perhaps the participants will step up to the camera banks outside of the oval office and we'll get a clear indication of that. what i can tell you is the house majority lead are eric cantor left his office on capitol hill about two hours ago, about 5:30 and he said, at that time, quoting, i'm looking forward to making progress here and here is what he said, i hope we can get some cuts more than the debt ceiling. in the brief photo op before the meeting got underway. the president was asked if he could get it done and his response, three quick words, we need to. >> and the indications the vibe between the two parties were great and deep. and spooker boehner broke off the talks last night
7:32 pm
indicating the white house was insisting on tax hikes the republicans were absolutely refusing to do. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell spoke to that on fox, here is what he had to say. >> we're 9.2% unemployment and their prescription is to raise taxes? i mean, my goodness, who thinks that's-- the president didn't think that was a good idea in december. why do they think it's a good idea now? >> in response at that, the vice chair of the house democratic caw cause, said that both sides need to give up something that's near and dear to their house. here is what basera had to say on fox news sunday. >> everything has to be on paper, but pretty quickly, my republican colleagues everything has to be on the table except taxes. that doesn't seem fair. >> but he refused to acknowledge or did not acknowledge, i should say, in
7:33 pm
the same program and friday, 70 members of his own caucus dug their heels in very deeply sending a letter to the president of the united states urging him to protect medicare, medicaid and social security, quoting from that letter, keep those important programs off of the table. so, what has become of all this? we're waiting to hear, harris. >> i like the way you put it. you said reading the tea leve leaves and that's what the experts have been saying, what happens if the deal does not get cut by august 7th? >> there's widespread speculation about that and we've heard treasury secretary tim geithner saying it will impose hardship and tremendous damage to the full faith and credit of the united states of america, as well as provide the huge disruption of services, but there are many economists and also republicans in south carolina, jim demint said it on fox news sunday, that these disruptions to services are vastly
7:34 pm
overstated and he said that just based upon tax receipts alone, the united states can continue spending its bills. so we have a wide chasm when it comes to that and find out when the deadly comes in august. >> harris: doug mcelway from the capitol. a lot of experts say it didn't happen. and let's say the worst deal of all there is no deal. . >> failure is not an option. the president needs to bring leadership to the white house this evening to keep at it. he wants to do the largest be possible deal that's going to do the most for the economy. >> harris: but let's just say he's wrong. let's say these talks completely fail and we reach that august 2nd deadline with no change to the debt ceiling. then what? we need a money expert here, adam shapiro of the fox business network. okay, adam, break it down in numbers that we can understand. so the u.s. can't then pay
7:35 pm
zits bills the way it does now after august 2nd. what happens? >> some people are saying we're broke. we're not broke, we still have number coming in and numbers i'm going to share that we can understand. it's simple, in august the u.s. government, taxesen other revenue expected to bring in 172 billion, but look at the second line there, harris, our outflow, that's everything just in the month of august, 306 billion. social security, paying for social security, student loans all of that stuff, a deficit in august 134 billion, something has to be cut jo you don't need to read tea leaves when adam breaks it down. but the problem is making up the is 134 or 5 billion it's not easy to do. it's not easy to do. simple way to think of it. if you want to lose wait you can eat steak and broccoli
7:36 pm
or-- cut 2.9 billion from military pay and many any it's a horrible idea. education, pell grants, nufl 20 billion in the education line. housing of.# billion. think of housing assistance for people. food stamps. irs refunds and i think people would be furious, but there you go, 3.9 billion, but you can't rule out the big ticket items and everyone is trying to do it, but you can't. 49.2 billion social security, medicare and medicaid. >> if you add up the other things, and once you put social security in there, the number is bigger than almost everything else. >> social security, medicare and medicaid as my grandmother says, the numbers. >> and everybody agrees we need to cut something. >> or learn to live within our means, there's an idea. many american households have learned how to do that. >> have learned how to do that, but again, do you go cold turkey overheight in let's take a look at the quick numbers. here you hear people talking
7:37 pm
about doom and gloom. the in august, you and i and 300 other americans owe 29 billion just in interest on our outstanding debt and we can say we're not going to pay the 29 billion, but at that was begin an almost overnight catastrophe according to the economists because who would then lend us money? by the way, come august, we have their debts that are coming due. 500 million dollar worth of loans and it happens all time and roll it over and refinance and we can't do it. if we don't pay the 29 billion in interest who is going to loan us the money and pay off that 500 billion and see how things were. >> harris: for anybody who didn't think it was a hot topic, keep watching, we don't know what's happened and come out of white house and you've postured as something we definitely watch for. great deal at stake for all of us. >> harris: adam shapiro, fox business network, thank you so much. a historic day for the space shuttle prm. atlantis docking at the international space station
7:38 pm
earlier today and the event marking the very last time a nasa shuttle will pull into a space station. atlantis will be retired after the final mission effectively ending nasa's 30-year shuttle program and astronauts will spend the next week unleading four tons of food, clothing and other items needed, a year's worth of supply for the international space station. heroic work by one dad whose child fell into a well. that dad moving quickly to go in after his little one. our top story as we go across america. ohio, a father saving his toddler's life, three-year-old dylan jumped on a piece of plywood covering a well. when the wood broke, the child plummeted 40 feet down into the water below. with nothing long enough to reach for the bottom, jake mccoy climbed into the well. >> amazing what you can do if your son or tauting is trapped in a well, and crying your name, you can do just about
7:39 pm
anything. >> and fire crews arriving to pull dad and dylan to safety. new york, police reporting an early morning break in at the historic ed sullivan theater in midtown manhattan and the culprits smashing the front doors and lobby. if it looks familiar this is home for david letterman show and authorities taking one man into custody. >> arizona a truck crashing into two homes, and officials say the pickup hit the corner of one woman's house before crashing through the wall of the house next door. and gunther says he was waving television when the vehicle came to a stop inside his living room. . >> it was nothing, but a cloud of dust inside. i couldn't see three feet in front of me. >> the driver and his son taken to a nearby hospital and investigators trying to get to the bottom of this one. florida, a different kind of going away party in the central part of the state. the tenants of this home getting wild before being evicted. >> i was evicting them.
7:40 pm
for not paying for the rents. >> and they racked up quite a bill. >> how could they do something? i wouldn't do that to their house, i couldn't walk in here, it was so bad. >> the damage totalling about 50,000 dollars. let's take a live look outside the white house, we are he' waiting to see if any lawmakers will talk after the meeting has wrapped up you with the president tonight, dealing with the debt ceiling, dealing with the budget. i'm just getting an e-mail from our correspondent wendell goler, we've been going back and forth and harris, the meeting lasted about as long as the one last week. no one expected a deal tonight, but don't know. unclear if the president or lawmakers will come to the microphones, he's watching on that end and we're watching on this end, as they step up to the microphone we'll be watching and bring you that live. stay close, the fox report continues. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
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>> turning to a terrible river boat disaster in russia. more than 100 including dozens of churn missening the river more than 180 passengers and crew were on word and terrifying survivors sawing the ship sank within munts and the crew did not time to he release enough life boats. rescuers are continuing to search for survivors. today was the final chapter for the british tabloid news of the world, but not the end of the investigation into the phone hacking scandal that brought the paper down after 168 years. chairman and ceo of newscorp, rupert murdoch sign arriving at the offices of the u.k., with paper in hand. the u.k. newspaper division of newscorp and the kch which owns fox news, thank you and goodbye on the cover. was the 8,674th edition.
7:45 pm
the train goes off the rails in india. a huge story there. in spain shall the injuries are filing up on this day four of the running of the bulls. as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india, an express train derailed, killing at least 31 people and injuring more than 100 others. rescue workers dragging victims from the wreckage. officials say caused the crash, yet it be determined. colombia, a series of attacks by the revolutionary armed forces of colombia and also known as bars, killing one police officer and injuring 11 others and hitting two southeastern cities with bombs and opening fire on one small town. president santos saying the attacks, quote, show the cruelty and desperation. china, rescue crews saving two workers from a collapsed coal mine in a southern region.
7:46 pm
the workers brought to the surface using a mining car after being buried 100 feet underground and media reporting ma reporting others have died. the day four of the palm lone -- pm palm plona running of the bulls. this was clocked in two and a half minutes and the renowned festival dates back to the 13th century. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. breaking news, a bipartisan white house meeting to negotiate budget compromises for the debt ceiling is wrapping up in 90 minutes. important enough to call top lawmakers as they're hoping to come up with that agreement to lower our inauguration's debt and yet, balanced? the idea was spending cuts,
7:47 pm
deep ones. no tax increases, that's what republicans say they want this president to agree to. and one of the most thrilling games in the history of women's world cup, now the americans have a lot to celebrate, beating out brazil and headed to the semifinals. the amazing victory that almost wasn't.
7:48 pm
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>> going to look live again at the white house whereby partisan talks with the president have rapid up after a little more than 75 minutes, fox confirming the senior--
7:51 pm
through that source more debt talks are scheduled for tomorrow. and we had wondered if a deal had been reached on possibly raising the debt ceiling and spending cuts and no more tax hikes as part of the deal is what republicans were pushing for and we don't know exactly what was said in that meeting, but we can report to you that there are more talks scheduled for tomorrow. don't know exactly when. this is a very fluid situation and also fluid, the microphones outside the white house and wait to see if any lawmakers coming out of that meeting are going to talk. there's a strong chance that will happen and we will keep our eyes on the microphone and i've been e-mailing back and forth with our correspondent wendell goler, a few feet away from the live shot and bring him back and get the latest information there from the actual scene. so we're watching that situation and it's breaking news at this hour and we'll get back to it momentarily. >> and everybody's going to bus forward now, and....
7:52 pm
>> harris: an amazing finish for the u.s. and the women's world cup quarter finals against brazil. just when it seems at that brazil would win in overtime, the american women come true with a stunning goal sending the game to a shootout and what happened after that was nothing short of remarkable. peter is here to give us the details. >> harris, this was incredible. and being described as not only the greatest moment in women's u.s. soccer. or the greatest in u.s. soccer men's or women's. they were down 10-11 and one less player on the field and they scored that goal, it goes to a shootout and guess what? the american women win incredible save. brazil is a top rated team in the world and this comes 12 years to the day when the u.s. beat china. the 1999 women's and they play
7:53 pm
wednesday against france, in the semifinals. >> that looks just like me and rusty after the fox report. hey, look, let's move on and talk a little about the other big event this weekend in sports. derek jeter. the new york yankees, 3000th hit on a home run and the fan who gets the ball. this is a-- >> gives it back. >> a great human interest story. what would you do in that situation. the fan who got it 23-year-old christian lopez, a recent graduate of sarah lawrence university and he has got several thousands worth of debt and gives it back to the yankees, and for free and in exchange gets nice from the yankees season tickets for the remainder of the year, that's great. what would you do. this ball is valued at close to $200,000 on the market. in the memorabilia world and it's a great thing to do. he's going to go down as a good yankee fan and good
7:54 pm
samaritan and warm and fuzzy feeling and got to meet jeter. today is sundays, tomorrow is monday. could you have used your $200,000, and put yourself in his shoes, what would you have done? it's a fantastic story for the human-- >> the memories of hanging out with jeter and getting him to say thank you. you never know what will come about. >> agreed. >> harris: major league baseball is having the all-star and thought we'd he see big names there. what's going to happen. >> some players are going to be there, some are not. american league starting pitcher weaver 11-4 top era in the league. and shepard smith for fox report and on regular fox and awesome done in arizona. >> harris: look at you pitching both networks and people who aren't in the building, we love that. steve, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: all right, let's get back now to the situation that's happening unfolding outside the white house. i want to go back to our
7:55 pm
correspondent wendell goler standing by, to bring us up to speed and right after this commercial break we'll talk with him. that meeting lasting just about 75 minutes. the president meeting with a bipartisan group tonight talking about the budget, talking about big amounts of your tax dollars. we'll be right back. g the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain
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done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. >> a recap of the top story breaking at this hour. the debt talks are done for now. president obama wrapping up his meeting with top leaders from both sides of the aisle at the white house to reach an agreement over raising the nation's borrowing limit before what's being called by some analyst the do or die date of august 2nd. fox confirming more talks are set at the white house for tomorrow. let's go straight away to wendell goler at the white house for the latest, wendell? >> today's meeting lasted about 75 minutes, which is about the same amount of time
7:59 pm
as the eight leaders of the house and senate, president, vice-president, and aides talking about the deficit reduction deal last thursday. now, it probably speaks volumes that the the democrats and republicans on this day did not come out to the stakeout position and say what they would not accept. the president instructing these lawmakers to reach a deal, bringing them back here tomorrow, and at which time they'll go over where the talks, where the negotiations were set vice-president were leading before they broke down, with the republicans walked out over the democrats insisting that some revenue increases and some tax increases be included as part of the deficit reduction and the talks pick up again tomorrow and a long way to go before an agreement that needs to be hammered out, sometime between july 15th and 22nd to have legislation in time to meet the august 2nd deadline and raise the debt ceiling. >> all right, wendell goler, thank you so very much. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, jul


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